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Oldest song in the world  

The “Oxyrhynchus hymn” (or P. Oxy. XV 1786) which according to Wikipedia is the earliest known manuscript of a song to contain both lyrics and musical notation. In fact, the papyrus on which the hymn was written dates from around the end of the 3rd century AD.  We wanted to get this perfect for our awesome New Jersey bride and groom so Diamonds on Platinum consulted with a local Greek orthodox priest, and even added in the three chimes to represent the holy trinity which is how the song is performed traditionally… Just a cappella voices in a haunting rhythmic chant and chimes. We are so grateful to have been part of this amazing Greek Orthodox wedding, a truly unforgettable, forever cherished memory! #newjerseywedding #oxyrhynchus #oxyrhynchushymn #acappella #greekchant #greekorthodoxwedding #diamondsonplatinum #finemusicforfineevents